SAP Archiving Made Easy

SAP Archiving strategies have been a challenge across all clients I have worked at over the past decade, and largely non-existent. 

Archiving solutions are rarely implemented during initial deployments and regularly deferred as a business priority since the newly delivered SAP systems draws attention and funds to enable more exciting opportunities for the business…plus…. when the lack of an archiving solution does become a problem it can be mitigated by purchasing more disc space, whilst this approach can mitigate the immediate space challenge, it does not address the root cause.

Data Lakes represent an extremely cost effective place to hold large data sets, and the benefits increase further if you rarely access/process said data.

Kagool have developed a generic Archival Management Solution (AMS) by integrating SAP ERP systems directly with Data Lake repositories creating a simple and effective, serverless method for SAP Archiving. 

It’s generic in that users can selectively decide which objects/tables should be archived along with retention policy, frequency etc….This activity is performed in the target Lake by system Admins.

The generic process will work with most SAP Standard Objects such (eg iDocs, Sales Orders etc etc), Custom objects can be augmented into this process through minor developments.

The Kagool AMS is available for the following Data Lake products:

  • MS Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Oracle Cloud

It is developed using only SAP and Data Lake technologies, no additional technologies are introduced as part of the deployment, ie no requirement for SAP-BW or any ETL jobs to transfer the data. The process is capable of transferring very high delta payloads quickly and efficiently.

As an added feature, users have the ability to recover previously archived data.

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