The Internet of Things (IOT) involves the incorporation of device or sensor data into business processes and analytics to automate and improve overall performance.

This involves the ability to consume and process enormous amounts of sensor and telemetry data mostly in real time, to support this, big data platforms holding Data Lakes are used due to their technical capability to handle such scenarios.

Velocity IOT:Hub leverages the power of Microsoft Azure to support a wide variety of integrations with sensors/devices and back into ERP systems to complete business process automation tasks.

Simplified & Scalable SAP Integration Pattern

Key Features
  • Realtime consumption of IOT Device Data
  • Integration of data with ERP Data
  • Actioning & Triggering back into ERP systems
  • Rich Interactive Reporting combing enterprise & IOT datasets
  • Alters pushed to concerned teams to action key events
Example Use Cases
  • Global Part Tracking - Real time package positioning on Map
  • Equipment Rough Handling measurement & tracking
  • Realtime Health/Status tracking on Global Install Base Equipment
  • Remote Equipment Monitoring
  • Warehouse Stock Management
  • Global Supply Chain Tracking and Management
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Global Asset Tracking

Realtime Global Asset Tracking

Global Shipping Use Case
  • Track your shipments using Pallet tags
  • Seamless Integration with SAP Logistics Modules
  • Visibility of millions of shipments accurately & globally in realtime
  • Zoom In & Out for accurate position on land or sea
  • Reduced chasing and phone calls to understand location
  • Share live data with customers
  • Collect additional telemetry enroute:
    • Temperature
    • Vibration - measure handing quality Vs KPIs
Construction Site Use Case
  • Visibility of key movable plant assets in real time
  • Identify location of vehicles, pallets & equipment - instantly
  • Automatic update of systems maintaining location
  • Accessible on the move via Phone or tablet
  • View additional telemetry:
    • Idle duration (last active time)
    • Fuel Level
    • Closest team member to asset

Rough Handling Indexes

Companies that sell equipment under warranty need to hold huge financial sums in reserves to protect against future warranty claims. Past claims are based on a mixture of:

  • Valid manufacturing defects
  • Customers operating or managing the equipment beyond agreed tolerances

Unfortunately the latter can generally be too costly or time consuming to provide at the point of a Warranty claim. It can be easier to just pay the claim rather than spend time investigating it.

The Velocity IOT Hub solution involves the addition of vibration detection and other relevant sensors to your equipment to constantly stream the data into your organisation and automatically calculating a 'Rough Handling Index' over time. In the event of a Warranty Claim submission, your agents can instantly review this Index along with the the historic sensory data and decide how to action the claim. This data will be available on your own network.

We can provide you with relevant actionable insights on your equipments handling in the client’s environment where you are responsible for it.

Use Cases:
  • Warranty Claim Processing
  • Warranty Reserve Fund Management
  • Customer Credit Control
  • ...and more...

Manufacturing Plant Use Case

  • Accurate location mapping of your key assets involved in supporting production activities
  • Visible via mobile devices in realtime and scalable over any distance
  • Integration with common ERP systems including SAP provides a realtime view of stock and asset movements & issues
  • Collect additional equipment telemetry
    • Equipment idle times
    • Environmental readings Vs defined servicing tolerance
    • Any usage telemetry available in realtime
  • Velocity can auto initiate predictive maintenance inspections based on telemetry to most ERP systems
  • Generate alerts based any user definable criteria

Servicing Use Case

  • Accurate location mapping of your global Installed Base Equipment
  • No need for equipment hunting due to out of date information
  • Realtime view of equipment available to the nearest centimetre using High Precision GPS
  • Automatic update to ERP systems based on equipment movements
  • Collect additional equipment telemetry
    • Vibration - Generate Rough Handling scores & KPIs
    • Environmental readings Vs defined servicing tolerance
    • Any usage telemetry available in realtime
  • Velocity can auto initiate predictive maintenance inspections based on telemetry to most ERP systems

Asset Heatbeat Tracking

Selected Assets vulnerable to sophisticated theft attempts can provide a heartbeat signal to Velocity. This is a continuous or periodic ‘ping’ to notify everything is OK.

If a sophisticated attacker is able to countermeasure security measures around the asset (eg switching off electricity or electromagnetic signal suppression), Velocity will spot the issues and trigger the alert process.

Use Cases

  • Retail environments where high value items are removed from shelves and placed into foil-lined bags
  • Medical Room X always needs the following 5 equipments, if one removed trigger alert

Geo-Fence Controlling

Geofencing allows users to create virtual boundaries that defines where an asset is permitted to move within Fences can be controlled at individual asset level or asset-Group level.

Ultra High Precision GPS systems allows the tracking of equipment to the nearest Centimetre. When a tagged asset moves outside the Geo fence, Velocity will trigger an alert which could result in:

  • SMS & Email Message(s) to teams
  • Automated calls to security services
  • API calls to SAP systems eg CRM Service Tickets

Examples use cases for Geo-Fence Controlling include:

  • Pallets of equipment that should not leave site
  • Vehicles & Machinery that are assigned to a fixed customer site
  • Expensive Medical equipment that should only stay within 1 room in a building
  • Goods transportation should follow a planned route

Geo Fences can be the size of a desk or an entire continent.


  • Immediate theft alerts for global asset/install base
  • Reduced Insurance Costs

Out of Hours Activity Monitoring

Most Equipment/Assets are not operated 24x7 and the timeframes in which they operate is well understood by the customer. Velocity allows the customer to create temporal alert rules that are triggered when Asset activity is triggered outside of core hours.

Detected activities include - Vibration, Geo-Movement, Door Opening, Activation, Heat, Audio, Light (torch)....

Imagine being able to perform this level of monitoring across millions of assets globally, all in realtime

  • Immediate theft alerts for global asset/install base
  • Reduced Insurance Costs
  • Arrest Vandalism attempts sooner