Below is a sample of recent projects that we have delivered on behalf of our global client base.

A global and prestigious manufacturing brand had two core mainframes fail. These mainframes were used for production supply chain management and were highly integrated into all of their business-as-usual processes. Insufficient internal documentation on the failed systems and its relationships with other systems led to an inadequate internal understanding for formulating an effective internal recovery solution. Each day without working systems was costing the client millions of pounds in production downtime.

Kagool was consulted and provided a robust solution within an unprecedented turnaround time. Our specialist UK consultants were able to reverse engineer existing systems through data analysis. Our offshore teams worked in tandem with the client and consultants, with an sustained, intensive, agile approach to develop a solution that bypassed this failure event with minimal cost and time. All knowledge gleaned from the existing systems were documented and transferred to the client which increased their capacity to deal with future critical failures.

Kagool was contracted to rescue a highly distressed workstream implemented by the client’s SAP Programme’s incumbent Systems Integration partner for a Tier1 - FTSE100 Global Chemical Manufacturer. The client expectation was for their data workstream to continue to support existing demands/commitments whilst in parallel, implement remediation & enhancements.

An entire team of high calibre data resources (managers, leads and developers) were provisioned by Kagool at extremely short notice to implement a data workstream recovery plan. An ‘adopt, adapt and transform’ plan was performed to stabilise, control and then accelerate the workstream, so that it became a high-performing member of the overall delivery programme.

Client data was transitioned onto Kagool’s data services platform enabling high levels of automation, business self-service, automatic metric generation, instant and real-time visibility and accountability of data issues. End-to-end data migration execution was brought down to an overnight process, an improvement over the incumbent’s original three-month plan, which absolutely minimised any disruption to BAU activities.

Kagool supported the training and development of a new offshore data services capability to support projects & BAU based in East Asia for a Tier1 - FTSE100 Global Chemical Manufacturer.

A training needs analysis was performed and a development package was tailored to the client’s individual requirements. The training was delivered over a six-week period on the client’s offshore site, ensuring that end users were competent in SAP Data Services (BODS/SDS), Information Steward (BOIS), MS-SQL, Best Practice Data Migration delivery, and introductory SAP. The process was supported by Kagool’s UK consultants and offshore delivery team who combined, can communicate in 12 languages and dialects, which contributed to the success of training and development delivery. The client’s offshore team is now high performing and is able to support the demands of the data project deliveries globally.

Kagool was approached by a Tier1 - FTSE100 Global Chemical Manufacturer to perform an appraisal of their pre-existing data migration and data quality management solution delivered by their incumbent SI partner as part of their Global SAP Manufacturing Delivery Programme.

A comprehensive assessment was performed of the implemented SAP Data Services & Information Steward solution against capabilities delivered as part of a Best Practice implementation. The appraisal provided a weighted measure of how each capability was implemented, leading to an overall KPI score to help management decisions where improvements could & should be made given the constraints on the delivery Programme. The review was performed as an impartial and objective exercise, which was documented for a senior management audience which included recommendations for remediation accounting for the intense time pressures that the programme and workstream were under. The appraisal was well received and supported subsequent actions to improve Data Migration delivery.

A Global FMCG manufacturer with large disparate consumer digital transactional datasets required assistance with understanding and leveraging this data for their digital marketing campaigns. The digital transactional data sources were spread across an array of cloud, in-house and partner agency non-SAP IT systems.

Kagool was able to match, migrate and integrate data from across the various digital channels, creating an enterprise Single Consumer Record. All transactional data was rolled into this record, creating a cross-channel, cross-campaign view of consumer engagement and interactions for analysis. This new consumer record view facilitated a simpler and more unified way to observe and predict consumer behaviour..

Kagool was approached by a global automotive manufacturing company to implement an MDM solution that would support the enrichment and data quality of production data, along with the orchestration and syndication of master datasets across a very complex IT landscape. The solution had the following capabilities:

  • End Point Reconciliation - validation of the master data sets across the IT landscape maintained by all interfaces (source vs target), ensuring robust and accurate master data set alignment was maintained/monitored. Where deviations occur, these error states are logged against the concerned teams.
  • Automated prioritisation and triage of error states across the teams based on transactional priorities, ensuring efficient use of the workforce and that business process impacts are minimised.
  • Monitoring of error state resolutions against user defined SLAs for each activity. SLA tracking is fed into trend analysis and Bench Mark KPIs to support process improvement and drive out further efficiencies.
  • Application of Business Data Quality Rules against the IT landscape (SAP and non-SAP) with error states generated and assigned to resolution teams
  • Data Profiling - Kagool enabled the business users to create their own business quality rules that can be scheduled & applied across the IT landscape, eg. A not in B, out of range values, regular expressions, through to support for complex SQL queries for advanced users. This enabled end users to profile landscape data on staged data objects without involvement from specialist IT teams.

A multinational European retailer with a large pool of PII datasets used across an array of IT applications, required a solution to protect their test environments in readiness for EU GDPR regulations that would also preserve existing analytical functions while also anonymising the data. Kagool’s Data Services Platform provided a solution to scramble and mask landscape datasets while preserving systems integration and analytic functionality.

Kagool worked with the client to enable them to formulate complex user-defined rules for anonymisation. The client could then update records with fine detail, safely and systematically across all IT systems so that MDM processes would continue to integrate correctly.

Location: New York - Department: Engineering

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