Many organisations will at some stage meet challenges managing enormous datasets across their enterprise estate, this can be for analytics, data migration/consolidation or integration requirements. Data sources can be dispersed across different database types, held within your external networks, or in multiple cloud-managed systems. Kagool can provide strategic solutions for migration, integration and/or analytics with these complex requirements. Regardless of industry, we have evidenced expertise which can help with your challenges.

Our experience covers 10+ Billion Master Data records within individual client projects migrating and integrating these datasets into and out of SAP-ECC, APO & EWM, Siebel, JDE, Oracle and other ERPs systems for major enterprises.

We understand that every client has their own specific challenges that need to be catered for. Our specialist consultants have a proven track record in assisting all types of enterprises, designing and implementing large-scale tailor-made solutions that will meet your specific enterprise requirements.

Robust and sustainable MDM strategy cannot be achieved by simply implementing a new technology: it requires a meticulous and rigorous approach to planning, the cross-functional transformation of business processes on multiple organisational levels, and the measured change of individual and team behaviours in order to succeed, all while winning executive support throughout the leadership chain. Kagool has successfully supported the MDM strategy and delivery for enterprises operating across a range of industries, that have either organically matured into requiring enterprise MDM, or have stumbled upon the requirement in a crisis situation.

At Kagool, we are not aligned to any particular MDM IT technology. We have the ability to provide strategies for any off-the-shelf MDM solution, or through bespoke MDM solutions that meet any complex requirements that may not fit into vanilla MDM systems.

Our consultants can support MDM strategic planning and discussions from the boardroom through to the shop floor, providing a comprehensive service covering all industry sectors from manufacturing, regulation, government, banking and finance, through to social channels and general management.

Data Governance covers an ever growing range of assurance processes that enterprises require to support from a regulatory, internal and external compliance perspective. Our remit can manage and provide assurance for the following range of data concerns:

  • Access and Controls to PII Personal data
  • Access and Controls to enterprise secret and financially sensitive data
  • Test landscape data provision and sanitisation solutions
  • Intra and Inter-company Data Sharing Agreements
  • Non-EU IT Support Teams for EU legislated Personal Datasets
These processes within organisations might be mature or entirely non-existent: whatever the circumstances, all companies should seek independent support to review and validate how they work to ensure optimal compliance.

Enterprise IT landscapes are large and complex and mistakes can often occur which can:

  • Leak financially sensitive information to the market in advance of corporate disclosure
  • Remove all controls for access to corporate employee salary data
  • Allow highly sensitive customer data available to non-authorised personnel
  • Push customer data through firewalls that should prevent this
  • Make customer banking details accessible
Whilst your enterprise production IT landscape may be certified as robust, many non-production landscapes that support testing and development can be less so.

We provide independent assessments on current practices and provide direction and remedial steps to align your enterprise processes with best practice, which may involve encryption, data scrambling and process improvements.

Many companies, even those with established frameworks and protocols, struggle to design efficient and robust solutions for project delivery and ongoing data management. Kagool can ensure that you have a data management framework that maximises reusability, business ownership, business self-service for error management efficiency, a scalable framework for huge datasets, frameworks which account for complex object dependencies, incorporate cross-project object dependencies, and maximises the automation capabilities of the data management tool in use.

We have a proven track record of providing industrialised data management frameworks and methods to support projects and business-as-usual teams to deliver optimally and successfully across all industry sectors.

Contact us for further information on how we can help.

All organisations that collect and process data on any British or EU citizens, including your customers and employees, must assure compliance with European GDPR regulation coming into force on May 25th 2018. Non-compliance with GDPR means that businesses can be fined 4% of their annual income or €20 million, whichever is higher.

Some organisations hold personally identifiable information without even realising it - even without holding Natural Key identifiers such as Name and Date of Birth on company records, some datasets can indirectly identify an individual due to the uniqueness of transactional records held against them relative to a wider population, for example car registration plates, combinations of personal characteristics and/or disabilities within a geographic area.

We provide independent assessments on your current practices and provide direction and remedial steps to ensure that the data you hold conforms with upcoming GDPR regulation, which may involve process improvements, encryption, cleansing, scrambling, or anonymising data while preserving its utility and value.


Reduce costs and effectively increase your data capabilities with our flexible data management services

Many organisations discover that it makes much more sense from a financial and proficiency perspective to outsource daily data management duties at a fraction of the time and cost that it would take to supervise them internally.

Kagool’s managed services stresses specific output-based commitments through service-level agreements. This means that our clients are guaranteed completion of specific services that offer the best type of ongoing data management support, while negating the risk of time-based or resource-based commitments.

Our data services can operate off-site, offering extra savings, and include our whole array of our Data Management services, including MDM, Data Integration, Data Migration as a service, or can include many other support services such as helpdesk, job monitoring, troubleshooting, and data stewardship.

Whether to support large delivery programmes or for business-as-usual activities, Kagool can provide the full spectrum of data resources from data managers, architects, developers, analysts, leads and cleansers. Our specialist data consultants can support customers in strategy, delivery and training. We can provision resources across the EMEA region covering Data Analysis, Migration, MDM and Integration solution delivery.

For distressed data programme recovery (DDRP), Kagool has a proven track record in providing quality resources to meet urgent customer requirements to recover your project deliveries.

Contact us for further information to see how we can help you.

Project Delivery

Systematic and repeated profiling of large datasets can be prone to human error and can be extremely labour intensive. Whether in preparation for new project implementations, or part of business-as-usual activity, Kagool can help your organisation to profile datasets across disparate IT landscape systems, consolidate the results, and provide relevant and accurate reports on status to give you actionable strategic insight.

Having extensive experience delivering projects involving over 30 IT systems and over 500 business data rules across data volumes that exceed ten billion records, we have highly efficient industrialised solutions that can consume and profile huge data volumes, measure data quality and root out error states to teams for remediation and correction. Our error states reporting solutions give you online, metric-driven and detailed accounts of your aggregated data, and enable you to drill right down to the heart of your data quality issues to solve or override them at source, directly from one of our online solutions.

Our transparent and tested migration and integration processes have been proven in the world’s most challenging industries.

Data is an increasingly integral component affecting your organisation’s bottom line: modern competitive organisations rely on data to automate processes and to drive efficiency. Whether it’s the automated augmentation of customer profiles, or managing complex vendor relationships in your global manufacturing supply chain, your data offers its own intrinsic value as well as extrinsic risk to profitability should your data be managed incorrectly. Migrating your data from legacy systems or integrating new systems into your existing data landscape can therefore have an immediate effect on your business. It is still surprising how many organisations underestimate the impact of these activities until it all goes wrong.

We at Kagool have developed proven and robust systems for migrating and integrating datasets across a vast array of IT platforms and landscapes. Our transparent and visible approach ensures that your business can monitor and track migration and integration activities, so that your transitions are assured and safe. Kagool are also proven at rescuing and returning ownership of distressed data work streams from existing Systems Integration Partners, putting your business firmly back in control of your migration activities.

Kagool is recognised in the industry for high levels of diligence, governance, accuracy and customer satisfaction in Data Migration and Integration solutions. Our proven approach ensures that:

  • The end to end process is clear, transparent and visible to all
  • All data validations are reported and actionable processes are integral to the process
  • All loaded data should be reconciled against what was sent
  • A separate end-point reconciliation process should run in parallel to ensure that the source and target systems remain in continuous alignment across the IT landscape
Kagool has developed a master data end-point reconciliation solution that ensures the integrity of master data across complex IT landscapes ensuring pro-active error reporting and remediation of master data interface failures, preventing costly reactive approaches when transactional data failures occur.

We provide dashboards that give you strategic value

Making sense of your raw business data, transforming this data into information with functional utility, and then using this information to provide actionable insight is a major challenge for all organisations. What questions should you ask of your data? How do you extrapolate behavioural trends from your data? What predictive data will help to indicate, diagnose and remedy problems in your processes even before they occur? How can you exploit your data for advantage over your competitors?

Dashboards come in many shapes and sizes: Qlikview, Tableau, APEX, to name but a few. Many consultancies can create dashboards containing graphs, pie charts, clickthroughs and drill-downs, but these dashboards quickly become redundant if they can’t provide strategic value behind the visual layer.

Kagool has vast cross-sector experience providing data-driven dashboarding solutions from poorly utilised existing landscape datasets, helping companies gain competitive advantage through expert data and behavioural consultancy. Our solutions are strategy-driven, and are a result of rigorous collaborative relationships with clients to understand their business processes, challenges and aspirations, in order to create end dashboards that provide answers to the questions that many businesses didn’t know they needed to ask.

Our APEX development team can deliver powerful and interactive mobile-enabled, cloud applications to allow your business users to take control of your business functions from anywhere, anytime. APEX is a powerful visualisation and interaction layer that is packaged as part of the Oracle licensed installation. It provides a layer to support user interaction/input, graphical representation and personalised user experience. Applications can be developed and securely deployed using APEX in the same way that apps can be created & deployed in the digital marketplace.

Kagool has a relationship with Oracle to develop industry leading applications to support multiple vertical markets. If you need cloud-based interactive access to your organisation’s data and functions, contact us to see how we can help.

As your business continually generates data, without robust data governance techniques, your data is prone to inaccuracy and deterioration. Whether your business relies on accurate data for business-as-usual processes, or for predictive or strategic analysis, any degradation in the quality of your data will also ultimately lead to the degradation of your organisational effectiveness.

It is surprisingly common for simple master data errors in complex customised ERP environments to result in a cessation in transactional processing that often goes unnoticed until the problem manifests itself in the physical world, for example when your production line stops. This is why we at Kagool view MDM solutions, not as a system where master data is simply created and stored, but as a comprehensive system of enterprise data integrity measurements that continuously verifies that your master data is doing what it is expected to do.

We can help you to :

  • Establish best-practice driven organisation governance models including roles and responsibilities for managing your data
  • Model your business processes to manage your data, and provide guidance on implementing an effective IT solution
  • Create and enforce standards for your data so that your data stays unified, consistent, precise and reliable
  • Track, remediate and halt the proliferation of erroneous data
  • Create data cleansing routines based on quality standards and your business rules.
  • Provide these bespoke and ready-made robust IT solutions cost-effectively

Our consultants will work rigorously and collaboratively with you to understand your business processes in detail before designing solutions. Whether your business involves consumer MDM or product MDM, or your data is complex and stored over many different platforms, our proven experience working across many industries will mean that we can help you.

We can help with the implementation of a standard off the shelf MDM solution like SAP MDG or Oracle MDM. However, if your business process is complex we can provide more flexible and bespoke MDM solutions that can support any complex workflow while satisfying the same control requirements.

Training & Mentoring

Data management can underlie many of your organisation’s critical processes. Building internal capacity to use or maintain these processes can be a sensible long-term option.

Kagool can help your organisation to identify strategic training and development needs, provide learning analysis and requirements specifications for your organisations, and deliver on these objectives with a systematic, measured, and robust approach, ensuring that your organisation is capable of handling its future data requirements.

SAP Data Services is a class-leading enterprise data orchestration tool used to integrate, transform, and improve your data. Kagool has a proven track record of delivering the highest quality training for SAP Data Services across the globe. We have provided a variety of courses, including introductory courses for Managers and Data Stewards, through to technical hands-on courses for new starters to the tool.

Our training consultants will perform a training needs analysis and create a tailored training delivery plan that meets your objectives. We’ll monitor the effectiveness of the training and continually adapt as part of the delivery rollout.

We can deliver technical SAP Data Services training using your internal frameworks and methodology as part of the course. If you do not have such a framework, we can help to design and deliver one for you using Best Practice methods.

We have proven experience delivering Best Practice SAP Data Services training courses to global FTSE100 clients, establishing and maturing their offshore Data Services capabilities/factories. Client feedback has always been positive and we continue to enjoy relationships supporting the long-term development of our clients’ offshore centres.

SAP Information Steward is a class-leading data analysis tool which allows for monitoring and assessment of dataset quality, including the root-cause tracing of errors and the impact analysis of said errors. Kagool has a proven track record of delivering the highest quality training for SAP Information Steward across the globe. We have provided a variety of courses, including introductory courses for Managers and Data Stewards, through to technical hands-on courses for new starters to the tool.

Kagool’s Data Governance specialists can support your organisational design requirements around the implementation of BOIS into your Data Management framework. Without this in place as a prerequisite, the addition of a new IT box on your landscape will not assist your organisational goals.

Our training consultants will perform a training needs analysis and create a tailored training delivery plan that meets your objectives aligned to your corporate Data Strategy. We’ll monitor the effectiveness of the training and continually adapt as part of the delivery rollout.

We have experience in delivering technical BOIS training along with assisting with your framework design and methodology as part of the course. If you do not have such a framework, we can deliver best practice methods.

We have proven experience delivering Best Practice BOIS training courses to global FTSE100 clients establishing and maturing their offshore Data Services capabilities/factories. Client feedback has always been positive and we continue to enjoy relationships supporting the long-term development of our clients’ offshore centres.

Kagool offers an independent and impartial appraisal service where we review incumbent Data Migration implementations against 22 industry standard best practice criterion. This enables a metric driven detailed benchmarked process that can be evidenced and summarised to provide an overall ‘score’ of alignment against a best practice implementation. Your managers can then use the benchmarked metric report to prioritise areas of data migration solutions to support project delivery.

The following areas of the Data Migration process are included in the 22 point assessment:

  • Data Quality
  • Database & Schema
  • Extract (Staging)
  • Migration Process
  • Transform & Load
  • Coding Standards
  • Exception Handling

Kagool has been selected to appraise the Data Migration deliveries of the top four UK System Integrators on behalf of their clients as part of Supplier Evaluation and Request for Recommendations for Improvement. Appraisals are technology agnostic and can include, but are not exclusive to, the following technologies - BODS/SDS, Informatica, DataStage, SSIS, Oracle.

For the majority of IT implementations, it would be very unusual for any Data Migration workstream to achieve over 95% as part of an independent appraisal against Best Practice due to project challenges. Medium to large SAP rollouts should aim for 80%-90% conformity as standard, since this maintains the cost:benefit ratio for the majority of firms; costs involved with moving above 90% conformity are generally associated with companies that deliver within a CMM Level 4/5 environment and have other drivers that force a very high level of discipline for adherence.

Data management covers the strategy, governance, compliance, measurement and execution capability. With our wealth of experience, Kagool has helped to develop best-practice data management principles, at the executive and grassroots levels, across most industry verticals.

Our consultants have helped to lead change programmes implementing new policies into established and mature organisations with varying levels of existing data management protocols, training and mentoring candidates in those organisations to become confident Enterprise Data Practitioners.

In the year 2016-2017, Kagool has supported training delivery on Data Management practice across the UK, EU and Asia from executives and senior management, through to developers, analysts and business end-user teams. We can provide a range of teaching schemas that vary from generic, in-principle training, through to industry-specific training to include geographic and or sector regulatory/compliance requirements.

Contact us for further information.

Our Oracle Application Express (Apex) courses are designed to give delegates practical experience in using Application Express and Websheets to build web-based applications for Oracle databases that use structured or unstructured data. Our courses can be delivered to onshore and offshore clients either onsite or via remote training delivery sessions.

The course is aimed at application developers, software developers, web developers, Oracle Forms and Reports developers, and technical support professionals who wish to develop interactive applications on the web for end users.

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to use the Oracle Apex development environment for functional application development for the web. They will gain practical experience in building and deploying web applications, using Apex to manage database objects, and in administering the Apex environment.

Project Recovery

Is your organisation:

  • Unable to provide meaningful quantifiable metrics from your data?
  • Unable to articulate status?
  • Failing to deliver against your plans?
  • Failing to provide data to the the business because of quality issues?
  • At risk because of issues or errors in your data?

If your data migration or integration workstreams are not delivering as expected, Kagool can help you to appraise your existing implementations against best-practice guidance, and give you impartial and objective recommendations so you can prioritise actions to remediate your existing workstreams. Regardless of the technology, we can assess your current solution against a set of standard benchmark indicators to provide your solution an overall score and recommendations for improvement.

Gartner research has found out that globally from 55% up to 75% of all ERP projects fail

Many companies rolling out ERP systems hit snags when it comes to importing data from legacy systems into their shiny new infrastructure. When Target was launching in Canada in 2013, though, they assumed they would avoid this problem: there would be no data to convert, just new information to input into their SAP system.
But upon launch, the company's supply chain collapsed, and investigators quickly tracked the fault down to this supposedly fresh data, which was riddled with errors— items were tagged with incorrect dimensions, prices, manufacturers, you name it. Turns out thousands of entries were put into the system by hand by entry-level employees with no experience to help them recognise when they had been given incorrect information from manufacturers, working on crushingly tight deadlines. An investigation found that only about 30 percent of the data in the system was actually correct.

A significant part of Kagool’s business has been to rescue highly distressed data workstreams implemented by incumbent third-party partners or in-house programmes. We are leaders at understanding and reverse engineering complex, fragmented, and disparate data workstreams, while providing robust solutions to these challenges.

Kagool has expertise in:

  • Reverse engineering and modelling existing complex data flows to understand critical issues
  • Methodically remediating any critical workstream failures with interim and permanent IT solutions
  • Formulating compliance mechanisms and controls so workstream failures do not recur