Mixed Reality Solutions

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       Remote Assist

  • 88% Efficiency Improvement
  • Improve first-time fix rates
  • Reduce travel costs
  • Centralise global specialist engineer functions
  • Collaborative, interactive experience

Remote Assist enables engineers to diagnose problems remotely from anywhere in the world. Multi-device support, including Hololens, Android and iOS makes it convenient for anyone on the site to start a real-time session with a professionally qualified engineer. The qualified engineer can guide the person on the other end by interactively highlighting critical information on the call in real time step-by-step.

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  • Immersive Training
  • Learn by Doing
  • 4 x Improved knowledge retention
  • Hands free support
  • Improve production quality
  • Accelerate Training
  • Holographic Digital Twins

Using Guides, employees have the option to learn new skills quickly as they can interact with the component in real time while they are being guided step-by-step. Real-time hands-on learning makes this learning experience more memorable hence allowing employees to pick up new skills at a faster rate.

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       Digital Twins

  • Remote Investigation & Diagnosis - saving costs
  • Predictive Maintenance diagnosis & alerts
  • Digital Simulations - Prototyping
  • Contextually Aware models
  • Cross Device support (HoloLens, iPad/Tablet etc)
  • Reduce Travel Costs

The term Digital Twin is also known as replicating a component/ machine as a 3D model. Users of the Digital Twin have the option to explode the sub-assemblies to explore specific parts in more detail.

       IOT Telemetry Integration

  • Interactive Holograms displaying near real-time IOT telemetry
  • Spatially in-context telemetry enables rapid diagnosis
  • Scalable platform supporting thousands of global equipment

IoT Telemetry Integration is the process of capturing thousands of sensors’ data and feeding the real-time telemetry back to a visualization platform such as the Digital Twin or Power BI dashboard. Users can define different maximum/minimum thresholds for metrics such as frequencies, RPM’s, etc. When a particular sensor reaches or exceeds the defined threshold, the user receives real-time alerts and on-going actions via emails or text messages.

Integrating the sensor data with predictive analytics enables machine learning models to forecast and find patterns in sensor data. This will help businesses to identify when components need replacing to minimize costly downtimes.

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