Key Features
  • No-Code solution for SAP ingestion (development free)
  • 100% PaaS solution
  • Near real-time replication
  • Supports non-SAP systems too
  • SAP certified
  • Deployable in hours
  • Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD) support
  • Inherent CDC/Delta identification, processing & merging
  • Curated SAP data models out of the box – simplified data model
  • Extracts all SAP objects inc cluster, long texts, t-codes, reports…
  • Velocity deployed in customer tenant
  • Uses SAP’s own CDC management processes

Product Overview
Product Demo

Velocity is a SAP certified data ingestion solution developed in conjunction with Microsoft to simplify and reduce the cost of moving SAP data assets into Azure for analytics and AI use cases.

Whilst Velocity can connect to a variety of sources, it is specifically designed to deeply integrate into SAP as a source and Azure as a target. The scope of SAP objects that Velocity can integrate with as a source (across ERP & BW) is unrivalled by any other product on the market.

SAP Ingestion Simplified

Velocity is uniquely a 100% PaaS solution that simplifies the full end to end data ingestion process from SAP source systems scaling inline with your existing infrastructure.

Velocity’s business friendly user interface provides a code-free method of source to target delta data pipelines within minutes without the need to write complex delta identification or merging processes – this is inherently managed within the product.

The Semantic Curation Process automatically transforms the SAP physical model into a form that citizen data stewards and immediately use – no coding is required – this is automatic.

Velocity has been demonstrated to execute delta volumes of 1.5Bn records daily.The product can be deployed in customer environments with 2 days to support POCs.

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