Rapid Data Ingestion & Syndication Solution

Simple to use, quick to deploy no matter how large or complex your data estate.

Kick-start your digital transformation journey with Velocity and Kagool data services.

Velocity is Kagool’s industry-leading data ingestion and syndication solution, designed to simplify and accelerate the full end-to-end data ingestion process from your source systems to Azure.

Developed in partnership with Microsoft, Velocity provides the most efficient way to ingest and configure your data for unlimited analytics and AI use cases.

Moving your enterprise data to Microsoft Azure doesn’t need to take months and doesn’t need to be painful. We work with you to create a Proof of Value for your specific use case so you can clearly see the value we can deliver and the speed at which we travel.

Velocity is your fast-track pass to the cloud. It allows you to find the best and most
efficient way to securely admit entry, regardless of source, format or volume of data.


ETL free, no development required for rapid delpoyment.

100% PaaS

 No middle ware, no moving parts. Flex & scale in line with your changing needs.

Near Real-Time

 Make quicker, better decisions and  react quickly to events.


Out-of-the-box tables and schemas.

Automated, E2E CDC/Delta

Accurate, timely data you can trust.

Supports Slowly Changing

Report accurately and fully on historical data.


Reduce risk with multi-factor security using native SAP & Azure protocols.

Data Remains in
Client Tenant

Reduced security vulnerabilities.

Managed via
Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Intuitive and easy-to-use, no coding or data science experience required.

Connect to an unrivalled variety and volume of data sources

Velocity is SAP certified and was originally built to connect SAP as a source and Azure as a target. But it integrates just as efficiently with other sources. In fact, the volume of data it can handle from sources all round your business is something other similar solutions struggle to equal.

At Kagool, we understand data, we understand ERP systems and we understand Azure. But most importantly, we understand your business – whether that’s finance, operations, supply chain, marketing or sales. We can have you reaping the rewards of faster, better connected data within weeks.

Microsoft Gold Partner

With your data in Azure, a whole new world of possibilities opens up

Microsoft Gold Partner
SAP Silver Partner
Oracle Gold Partner
Mule Soft
Salesforce Partner

Why wait any longer?

Kagool consultants can help you quickly unleash Azure’s incredible analytical power thanks to Velocity, our expertise in data and our understanding of Azure technologies. Talk to us to find out just how quickly we can travel.

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